Our education program has designed a Hemp Education Farm Model that easily integrates into existing Agritourism Infrastructure, even in states that do not currently have hemp programs.  This is a great tool for states lobbying for hemp production.  These models can be duplicated by farms with individuality, or we offer assistance with curriculum, signage, materials, and retail store franchise options.

HEMP Seed Farming in 2017 - Justin Hamilton  Video 2 of 4

HEMP HISTORY WEEK  JUNE 5 -10th 2017!!  Look for Events June 10th at the NCHempFarm and throughout the week at local dispensaries and businesses.

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                       Hemp Education Farm Model (Broad)

                       Hemp Education Farm Model                                                  (Specifc) Operational NC Hemp Farm


HEMP Fiber and Hurd Farming in 2017 - Video 3 of 4

A New Generation of Farming

HEMP Flower / CBD Farming in 2017 - Video 4 of 4

Sponsored by Hempleton Farmer Outreach Program - Building a unique opportunity for farmers.  We are forming a cooperative group of farmers that want to take hemp into large scale production in the 2018 season.  We will be doing research with these farmers and multiple manufacturing facilities in 2017.  If approved for manufacturing these outlets will be large and will provide farmers in multiple states the opportunity to change the definition of farm income and keep products local.  

​Coming up on March 18th in Spring Hope, NC. This event provides farmers and land owners best practices, tactics and strategies to succeed in growing industrial hemp throughout the world.

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"Caroline's Hemp Farm"

A 40 page children's book designed not only for children, the parents will love it too.  This is a great educational tool for Hemp Awareness and Education Events!


Basic Farming Info and 2017 Opportunities - 1 of 4 Videos

Matt Collogan - Hempleton Investment  Group, Inc.

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