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We are excited to announce a NEW Children's Book from the Mary Jane's Adventures Series!  This forty page book not only educates children, but since hemp has been illegal for over seventy years, this book educates parents as well!  This is a great reintroduction of hemp to our American farms and society.  Hempleton Investment Group  is excited to present this book in an effort to increase hemp awareness nationally!

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Legacy Farms Event center in Wallace NC in convenient to Raleigh and Wilmington, located just off I-40.  The Event Center is a family oriented Agri-tourism Farm with animal tours and many displays.


The North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association is a non-profit organization raising money to fund the NC Hemp Commission which will make the rules for responsible cultivation in NC.

Now Located on the NC HEMP FARM!

What is  Hemp?  Is Hemp Marijuana?


Located on the NC HEMP FARM!

FARMERSInterested in staying updated on the current status of Hemp in NC, and the rules and application process for cultivation.

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​A​re you interested in Investing in Hemp Businesses, Interested in Hemp fiber and seed, or are you interested in joint venture hemp farming co-ops. 

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​A very big asset for NC is Hemp Inc., they are building a large scale multi-million dollar Hemp Processing Facility in Spring Hope, NC.  This facility will process Kenaf Fiber until Hemp is available in NC.