HEMP Network

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We would like to welcome you to the NC Hemp Education Network, and also welcome Farmers to the idea of entering Hemp into their farms and rotations.  We are here now to help answer some of your basic hemp questions, and to assist farmers by linking a "buyer" for your Hemp Harvest.  

Hempleton Investment Group, Inc. is a East Coast leader in Hemp Education as well as developing the industry required to manufacture and distribute hemp goods, so once you understand the basics we can help you enter the market as either a farmer, building and marketing a product, hemp extractions, distribution, and retail sales.

So please use the education tabs above to determine where you would like to begin in your education on the NC Hemp Industry and what would be your next step to getting involved.

Prefer to learn in a classroom setting?  

We offer that too!  

"Caroline's Hemp Farm"

A 40 page children's book designed not only for children, the parents will love it too.  This is a great educational tool for Hemp Awareness and Education Events!


Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.